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Welcome to Video Production Support, providing free support for videography, video editing, theater, audio, television, and related productions. 

Everything at Video Production Support is free and ad-free.

Video Production Support is a place for production professionals (and others) to exchange information helpful to their work in the industry. 

Users can share information in our forums, through chat, and by becoming a writer on one of our hosted blogs.

The blogs hosted here include The Digital TV Transition Weblog and the Video Production Support Techblog.  If you have an idea for another blog, want to write on one of these, or want your blog linked here, feel free to contact us directly through the forums. 

Video Production Support also hosts free content and how-tos

So sit back, cruise around, and let us know if you need any help, that's what we're here for!

Thank you,
Eric Adler

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