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DTV interference, doppler, and reception

06 Nov, 2008 | Eric Adler |
I took a trip out to some transmitter sites recently with my DTV Pal, a few different antennas, a monitor, a power inverter, and a consumer set with built-in DTV tuner - also, I brought my 2.5" rear-projection Sony Watchman NTSC TV (that runs on 4 AAs which I haven't changed in a few months).
Unfortunately, I forgot my remote control, so the DTV Pal was left on the last virtual channel it was tuned to, luckily this was one of the channels at the transmitter sites. First test, right outside the main transmitter of a local station, 2-bay bow-tie antenna. The DTV Pal showed a beautiful picture (as was expected), as did the NTSC set.

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